Crafting the new face of Environmental Consulting


Eunomia offer independent environmental expertise to drive change by defining what is possible and the actions required to get there. They consult with businesses to best decide how they can reduce carbon emissions and run in a more environmentally friendly manner.

The challenge

As their brand continued to scale, Eunomia needed a brand that matched this new, authoratitive position in the world of environmental consulting - a brand that would be at home across a wide variety of print and digital materials.

The Solution

Wondrous worked with Eunomia to produce a new, modernised brand identity that extolled the virtues of the Eunomia brand mission across mutliple mediums. A new logotype was crafted to increase brand recognition across digital formats with increased legibility and recognition. Wondrous' work extended out across a variety of mediums from brochures, stationary and apparel to explore how a new brand could help Eunomia continue it's mission.


Solving the world's environmental problems:
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