Creating a complete sub-brand for an ‘always on’ campaign.


When Sophie Guibaud of Fiat Republic briefed this project into us, she knew exactly what she wanted. Crypto Legends was to be a thrilling podcast series in which Web 3 startup heroes told stories that moved markets, changed the course of history, and provided valuable solutions with their creativity, charisma, and leadership.

The challenge

Inspired by when the first legends built a republic to give supreme power to the people, Sophie wanted a look that would give the feeling of that first empire in Rome, complete with mythical creatures worshiped by the people. It needed to stand out in a crowded space, while still sitting neatly with the Fiat Republic brand.

The Solution

The overarching illustration sits at the centre of this branding piece, which was the starting point from which the brand flowed. The overall colour palette created a feeling of warmth, complemented by the glow of the intimate seating area.

Equally integral as the background are the characters for which we aimed to capture a badass yet dignified feeling. Variance in body shapes depicts the differing personalities.


Join the
adventure here:

“I'm continuously impressed by the quality of your work”

Adam Bialy,
CEO, Fiat Republic

“I couldn't think of a better team to collaborate with on this. You understood the vision so clearly and managed to execute it beyond all expectations in a record timeframe. I and the Fiat Republic team are so grateful for this. Crypto Legends is just at its beginning!”

Sophie Guibaud,
CCO, Fiat Republic

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