After receiving funding from the Arts Council, this integrated (disabled and non-disabled) dance company sought applications from marketing agencies for a rebrand and new website build. Their objective was to create a brand reflective of the growth of the company. All work was to appeal to a range of stakeholders, including participants, audiences and potential clients.


Having defined brand values gave the foundation for development of a strong, easily identifiable logo. In addition, a strapline was proposed to sit with the logo. This would quickly let the audience know what FRONTLINEdance do and stand for. In preparing a solution for a new website a full review was conducted, visuals mocked up for consideration and keyword analysis completed.


FRONTLINEdance now have a brand to support their vision: to create a future where disabled children and young people have the same access and progression routes into dance that exist for their non-disabled peers; for older people to feel healthy, connected, and socially engaged within their communities; and for disabled dance artists to be viewed in the same professional light as mainstream contemporaries.