FREE design support with Challenge Emily


FREE design services – No, we haven’t lost our minds.

Whether it’s Ben cycling to work, Sally dashing between the studio and the gym, or Richard running for the train (ask him about it, it’s a funny story) we’re a pretty active bunch at WONDROUS.

A campaign to help Emily and the local community

So, when junior designer, Emily joined the team, she wanted to exercise her design skills and expand her portfolio. Naturally, being the social, active bunch we are, we set her a challenge.

And what better way to keep her busy, than to offer FREE design support to local community groups and clubs who don’t have massive (or sometimes any) budget to promote their amazing projects?

At its core, Challenge Emily is there to offer support to (non-profit) community groups. This could be anything from a grassroots football team, to a craft club, sports group, drama club or any other local social cause.

A TRIumphant start – how we helped Stourbridge Triathlon Club

We’ve all seen them: the homemade posters pinned up in the gym promoting a local group or activity. When the budget is tight, PowerPoint may be your only friend.

A few weeks ago, Ben spotted a lovingly created, homemade Stourbridge Triathlon Club’s poster in the local gym. As a keen cyclist and aspiring triathlete, he wanted to help create something that would give the fledgling group the presence it deserved.

Founder, Tony Walters described the new design as “lightyears ahead” of the original homemade version and has been quick to arrange a swap.

Stourbridge Triathlon Club


What next?

Do you know someone who needs similar help and deserves some support raising awareness of a community club or group?

If the answer is yes: Challenge Emily.

Over the next three months, each week, we will select one group or club and create one piece of free marketing material to help bring attention to their project. This could be a logo, poster, banner, flyer, invitation or social graphic. Not only that, but we’ll also share the artwork on our social media channels to help spread the word.

On Instagram? Follow the #ChallengeEmily hashtag to see Emily’s designs in the coming weeks.



Friday 28th June