Finn the Fabulous campaign logo designed by Challenge Emily.


A logo created via the WONDROUS Challenge Emily programme will help raise awareness of the blood stem cell donor register, being campaigned for by local boy Finn Hill and his family.

The Challenge Emily programme was launched to build up junior designer, Emily’s portfolio and offers free design support to local community projects.

Mum, Jo Hill has been campaigning to find a stem cell donor match for her son, 7 year old Finn, who needs a transplant to combat Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). The condition causes the body to make too many active immune cells, causing too much inflammation, which damages the patient’s tissues and organs.

Finn the Fabulous

Jo set up Finn the Fabulous to raise awareness of the blood stem cell donor register and has since established the Finn the Fabulous Foundation. When speaking to us, she said “The Finn The Fabulous Foundation will help families of children going through stem cell transplant to do necessary renovations within the home, giving them one less thing to worry about”.

WONDROUS Director, Sally Baker, recalls receiving the Challenge Emily application. “I’d already heard of Finn the Fabulous and had just received my own swab testing kit from DKMS. As soon as I saw this application I knew we had to help”.

Logo design

Designer Emily got to work on researching concepts for the Finn the Fabulous logo. A thorough review of the social media posts revealed Finn’s love of toy dog, Dave and Emily worked up illustrations of Finn both with and without his best mate. Dave won the day though, being selected as the final concept for the logo.




Having been drawing for as long as she can remember, this challenge was perfect for Emily who has really been able to show off her illustration skills. Both she and the team at WONDROUS are extremely proud to have been able to create this new identity for Finn the Fabulous.

Request a swab kit

Finn needs you. Will you help find a match by completing a simple cheek swab and becoming a potential blood stem cell donor? Find out more and request your swab kit at DKMS here. You can also follow Finn’s journey via their Facebook page.

Thursday 15th August