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Financial Services consultancy Bitsul helps organisations build unique products that customers love. Last year, founder Jas Shah approached Wondrous for support in a brand refresh together with an update to his website.

The challenge

With a growing business, Jas had recognised the need to refresh his brand and website to reflect his current position in the market and to bring authority to his look and feel.

The Solution

The name Bitsul is made up of two key components, bit (the smallest increment of data in tech) and sul (from the word consult). To reflect this, the new primary logo is a customised wordmark featuring a pixel cube as the title of the ‘i’ to represent the expertise in processing data and information, as part of the core consultancy service. Keeping very close to the original colour palette, the use of midnight blue and gold helps to symbolise trust and integrity coupled with optimism and quality of service.

When it came to website build, we were able to further apply the new brand look and feel, utilising the pixel in backgrounds and over images as well as creating custom illustrations to help bring services to life.


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Sally with the rest of experienced and excellent team at Wondrous, helped me with the strategy of my website and brand and helped Bitsul update our brand and website to reflect our position and authority in the market.

This together with an improved UX has not only resulted in more inbound enquiries but meant the website is structured so that it can grow as the business grows while staying on brand and saving me time and money.”

Jas Shah, Founder, Bitsul

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