Marketing your funeral home

Funeral trends are changing, how can you market yourselves differently so that you stand out from your competition?

Navigating the changing landscape of marketing funerals is not easy. With families now opting for more personal farewells or eco-friendly solutions, funeral directors need to communicate how they can help provide them.

When it comes to cost, increasing news of low-cost direct cremations should be encouraging more funeral directors to be open about their pricing.

So, how can you respond to changing trends?

Review your customer journey

Bereaved families are looking for experts to guide them through the funeral planning process. Believe it or not, the way you conduct a funeral is likely your best marketing tool. Provide concise, easy to follow advice across all marketing materials. Make the customer’s journey from finding you to paying their invoice a simple one. The easier the journey, the more likely it is that families will share their experience with others.

Your website homepage should be easy to navigate, enabling visitors to easily find what they need. At this point, they don’t usually need to know about your history and outstanding service – they’d expect that anyway. They want to know what to do next – whether that’s at time of death or a particular element of arranging a funeral. Make that information quick and simple to find and read.

The same applies to printed materials. Avoid text-heavy pages and opt for succinct information. Use of imagery or illustration can help break up the text and bring to life your services.

Utilise social media

Love it or hate it, understand it or avoid it, social media is expected to play a bigger role in the funeral service. It’s vital you open up a continual dialogue with your local audience. Share how you’re helping families give their loved ones a meaningful farewell.

While it may not be for everyone, many families are only too happy to share details of their loved one’s send-off as an act of remembrance and to keep their memory alive. Facebook is the best place for this.

Social media is also a fantastic way to raise awareness in the community. Not all posts have to be funeral related though. The best way to grow a following is to have variety in your posts. Sharing appropriate behind the scenes images of things such as preparing a hearse or a series of meet the team posts can help build a rapport with the audience and bring the brand to life.

Be transparent about price

With increasing news around price in the funeral sector and the possibility of regulation, now is a great time to be open about your pricing on your website and in marketing activity.

If you’re the first in your area to do this, you’re at an advantage over the competition as you’re likely to get more visitors to your site and therefore more leads. Don’t worry about competitors seeing your price, they likely have a good idea what you charge anyway.

As you probably have a range of options, you can simply list ‘prices from’ for key services such as direct cremation, basic funeral, traditional funeral and so on.

Increase promotion of prearranged funerals

As well as securing at need funerals, a sustainable income can be created by the increased promotion of prearranged funerals. Given that 49% of the population have given their funeral some thought but only 15% of funerals are pre-planned, there is much room to make gains on the competition.

How Wondrous can help

Our marketing services always include an integrated approach. We ensure all digital and traditional marketing channels are considered, joining them together to maximise performance.

As standard, we’ll look at what’s working well for you, where you could optimise performance and help integrate everything to maximise opportunities.

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Wednesday 29th January