How to be Bounce Back ready.


Now you probably have your response to lockdown sorted, but what happens next?

75% of consumers say that brands should inform people of what they’re doing. So, if you don’t yet have a bounce back marketing plan, you should start preparing it now.

Competitive advantage

Your competitors may have paused their marketing activity, but you have an opportunity to get out ahead. Never before has there been a more level playing field, so while the opposition holds back, you could be talking to their customers and making more sales.

Get ahead of your competitors

Make more sales

You may have developed new ways of selling during lockdown, such as online or click and collect. Perhaps you’ve even created new products and services that you’d now like to promote. Why not get these in front of a new audience? Better still, sell more to your existing customers who are already sold on your brand.

Increase customer loyalty

How you act right now can have a big impact on customer loyalty. Research shows that 75% of consumers want to know how you’ll be keeping your staff and customers safe. You only have to look at social media to see how well posts about a ‘safe’ reopening are received. Get this right and you’ll be building trust in your business and its values.

1 in 5 consumers have stopped purchasing from a brand because of their response to the coronavirus outbreak

What you should be doing

OK, so getting ahead of competitors and communicating to customers all makes sense, but what are the key marketing activities you should be adding to your short-term bounce back plan?

Email marketing

Email is an easy way to reconnect with existing customers who maybe haven’t purchased in a while, or who don’t yet know about new products you may have developed lately. If you have a database of prospects then of course it follows that it’s also a great channel to utilise to speak to them too.

While many factors go into creating a great email that people want to read, open rates since the pandemic outbreak have risen and Mondays seem to perform best.

78% increase in email performance

Social media

With more time spent at home, use of social media has soared since lockdown. With billions of daily users, it makes sense that this is a channel that should not be ignored.

Social media is a great way to stay in front of existing customers and reach a wider audience. Three in five consumers now want to spend their money more locally thanks to the coronavirus outbreak and so you could easily be attracting more clients in your area.

There’s simply never been a better time to be online, even if you’re a small business with a limited budget.

Branded assetsĀ 

Whichever channels are right for you, getting the look and feel of your comms is vital to success. Good branding will help build recognition and trust in your business. So be sure to be consistent in your email and social media design.

In many industries, supporting documents such as fact sheets or case studies will also help buyers with their purchasing decisions. These too should all be consistent in their appearance.

How Wondrous can help

Wondrous’ experienced marketing team are here to help you get back off the ground. Our Bounce Back three-month marketing plans will give you all the tools you need as well as our combined expertise to make sure they work.

Starting with a free, no obligation video consultation, we’ll be able to learn about your own challenges and understand where you want to be. We can then develop a tailored three-month plan to get you there. Find out more or book a free consultation now, we’re ready to launch you to the moon.

Thursday 9th July