8 ways to combat the coronavirus impact

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus impact will affect us all, but business owners and marketeers need to think long-term, now more than ever.


In times of financial crisis it’s not unusual to cease marketing to cut costs, but this knee-jerk reaction will only cause an uphill struggle to build revenues as things return to normal. Instead, it’s time to think strategically, keep talking to your customers and prospects to build your brand and keep you at the front of their minds, for purchases now and later.

Here are some things you can do now:

1. Talk to your customers

Stay in touch with your customers, let them know how your business is dealing with the crisis. Be sure to think about the messages you send, are you putting the safety of employees and customers at the forefront of your plans? Is the service you provide affected? Whether it is or isn’t, let your customers know. Can you support your clients during the crisis in any way? Tell them if so.

Utilise social media, email and/video to stay in touch.

2. Check your pre-planned comms

Have you got pre-scheduled social media, emails or paid advertising planned? If so you should check the content to ensure it’s still appropriate in the current climate.

3. Complete an internal marketing review

If your business is experiencing quieter times due to the coronavirus impact, use it to your advantage. Often small businesses struggle to allocate time to their marketing, so if this is the case now is the time to put that right.

A marketing review will identify how well your existing marketing is working and allow you to plan future efforts.

Gather information about where is the business is now; look at sales performance by product or client, profit levels and where your business is coming from.

Complete a SWOT analysis to look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This will provide key insights to your decision making.

4. Keep an eye on the competition

Keeping in touch with what your competitors are up to can be of real benefit to your business, allowing you to spot the following:

  • How they are dealing with the coronavirus outbreak
  • Any new products and services that are being brought to the market
  • Gaps in the market
  • Their pricing structure and where you sit in comparison
  • Their marketing strategies and key messages

5. Update your online presence

With face to face contact limited, your website will increase in importance to your business. Take a look at our blog, What is Digital Marketing for more information on where to start.

6. Utilise social media

This is a great way to stay in touch with customers and prospects alike. Our article Why is social media important for your business offers some great tips to get started.

7. Attract new clients with a content marketing plan

If your sales team can’t get out and about, consider content as the same as your sales force, or more accurately your account management team. It’s a way of staying connected with your customers, reminding them of your services and giving you an opportunity to talk about something new.

In a digital world, website pages, blogs, social media posts, infographics or videos (to name a few) are the most common ways to distribute this information. Find more information on this here.

8. Review your review strategy! 

Finally, do you currently have a method for receiving reviews? If so, go through these and make sure you respond to them all, this is a great way to make customers feel valued. If you don’t currently collect reviews, think about how you can implement this. Google reviews are particularly good for search engine optimisation so provide clients with information on how to leave one for your business.

In this daunting time, see the opportunity. Be the business in your industry that builds their brand and share of voice. Stay true to your values and increase focus on digital marketing to get an edge over competitors that may be slow to react.

How Wondrous can help

If you need support to get started, then hi! We’re WONDROUS, we can help. You could be talking to your audience in a matter of days. Call Sally or Richard on 01384 590099 for more information, or simply email sally.baker@thisiswondrous.co.uk.


Thursday 19th March